We get lots of phone calls and emails asking if we can help with a part for a device or if we can copy something so here is a guide to what you can and can’t print.

Things that you can 3D Print

  • Something that you have a digital design file for, these are usually in a STL format, but other formats such as OBJ VRML 3MF X3G AMF FBX can be used as well.
  • Something that you have designed yourself with software such as Fusion 365 or solid works
  • If you dont have one of these but have a drawing of an idea we can help convert that into a 3D design so as it can be manufactured
  • 3D printing requires a flat surface for best results

Things that you cant 3D Print

  • Large prints of more than around 50cm and larger are not impossible to print but start to become uneconomical and will have to be printed in sections and assembled and glued or designed in such a way so as they join together.
  • We cant just take a picture of something and then print it as you would do with a camera and a 2D paper printer.
    This is actually not 100% true as you can 3D scan items and then replicate the image however this process is very expensive and would not be very detailed.

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