There is a whole host of areas where 3D printing is becoming a invaluable tool to create some truly amazing things, in the wonderful world of Cosplay you can now let your imagination run riot!

Here are some examples of what we have produced recently, these are all printed from existing designs from we always abide by any Creative Commons Licences and provide the relevant attribution.

You can contact us about any of these prints here

The New Captain America Shield

You can see how the print it built up and how the structure inside the print is created.

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Aquamans Trident

This was quite a large print and requires assembly and some extra wooden dowels to give it extra strength. It does look quite spectacular once finished.

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Printing on Material to create realistic wearable scales and armour.

We are now able to print onto material to enable the 3D prints to move and be stitched or woven into existing costumes, this is achieved by printing the first few layers of the print, pausing the printer, laying the material down onto the print bed and continuing the print.

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